PLESK - Control Panel 
Where and how do I access my control panel?

When I try to login, get a response "There is another session with this name"
If you do not 'LOG OUT' from the PLESK, you must wait 10 minutes for the session to timeout. Try after 10 minutes.

Can I use email clients like Outlook Express?
Yes, you can use any email clients that works with POP3 and SMTP ports

What is my POP3 server address?
mail.your_domain.com [POP3 is the incoming mail server]

What is my SMTP server address?
mail.your_isp.com [SMTP is the outgoing mail server]

Can I access my emails from my website?
Yes, you can do it browsing http://webmail.your_domain.com from your favorite web browser!

I receive error when I send email using my SMTP Server!
Make sure that "My outgoing mail server requires authorization" and "Use settings as my incoming mail server" are checked in your mail client software settings.

 DNS - Domain Nameserver 
What are the name servers of 5gbhosting.com?
cp1.w65.net IP = cp2.w65.net IP =

I configured my domain to your name server, why I can not access my site?
Normally it takes 12 to 72 hours to get your site updated in the internet. Also it depend on the frequency your ISP updates its DNS tables.

 CGI Perl Script 
What is the server path to Perl?

What is the server path to Sendmail?

Where should I upload my CGI scripts?
CGI scripts will work in CGI-BIN, HTTPDOCS, or HTTPSDOCS. We recommend you to maintain all your CGI scripts in the cgi-bin located at the root folder.

 FTP - File Transfer Protocol 
How can I access my site with FTP?
You can use your favorite FTP clients like CuteFTP to access your site. Your FTP server is ftp://ftp.your_domain.com/ or use any of our IP's ftp. (Before DNS update)

Which is my root website folder?
You have to upload your index.html file in the 'httpdocs' folder, and this is your root folder that is pointed your domain name.

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